Learn How To Write A Eulogy

A eulogy is done as a tribute to a person that has recently passed away or has a special occasion such as retirement. When a funeral speech is given it is best to have what you want to say written down. Funeral speeches can become very emotional. Sometimes it is difficult enough to just be able to read what is written. It can be frustrating to forget what it was you wanted to say or to suddenly realize you do not have the words to express what you had wanted to share.

How do you know what is appropriate to put in the eulogy? Make sure to write from the heart. Draw on facts and memories. A touch of humor is okay, especially if the person you are eulogizing was known to have a sense of humor. Make sure yours words and thoughts don’t embarrass or shock those listening. The goal is to encourage the family and others that are attending the funeral.

A eulogy should contain your thoughts and feelings. Many times it will also cover the person’s accomplishments. It can be very difficult to get your feelings on paper. Sometimes thoughts and feelings are best expressed in the form of poetry. Do you feel like you don’t know where to start? If you are going to give a speech for a funeral or write a eulogy there is help available. You can learn how to write a eulogy that will present what is important to you. Please check in to the link provided. You also might want to get an excuse at katv.com.

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