Health Conditions to Use On a Doctor’s Excuse for Work

Picking the perfect excuse to skip work can be a daunting task. But at times it is a necessary evil. Just make sure that the excuse you select is believable enough to avoid drawing any suspicions. There are several health conditions you can use on your doctor’s note to make it more convincing and avoid trouble at work. Your employer may become too interested in your health if missing work because of health-related issues becomes a habit. Therefore, only use a doctor’s excuse if it is absolutely necessary and you have no better excuse to protect yourself. Below is a list of health conditions you can use as an excuse if you have to miss work.

Allergic Reaction

Telling your boss that you had an allergic reaction and backing it up using a doctor’s excuse is less likely to draw suspicion. These days, many people experience allergic reactions of all kinds after unknowingly eating certain types of foods. If you have had the allergic reaction before and is on record at the HR office then it won’t be difficult convincing your employer that the reaction recurred.

Back Pain Problem

The back bone and muscles are susceptible to injury and many individuals experience some form of back pain. Telling your boss that you had to see a chiropractor because of back pain will give you a reasonable excuse to stay away from work. You can learn more at

Food Poisoning

Stomach agonies can create great discomfort. Obtaining a doctor’s excuse to support claims that you experienced serious stomach upset because of food poisoning often works without fail.

Dental Problems

We all know how it feels to have problems with the teeth. If you have to miss work you can tell your boss that you experienced serious dental issues and had to pay the dentist a visit. Just make sure you obtain a credible doctor’s excuse to support the same.

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