Freezing Fat Cells at Home

Freezing fat cells at home or CoolSculpting is done by simply placing a bag of ice and water on your skin. A study that was done on animals showed that fat levels were decreased in 10 minutes after being exposed to a temperature of -1c/31f. A similar study was done recently on humans which resulted in the skin surface temperature dropping at a steady pace through the 60-minute session and ended with an average of 12c,54f. It had been proven that ice applied to skin creates swelling in only a small number of minutes.

This process works by using an ice pack or a fat freezing wrap to remove the heat from your skin at a continuous rate, then the cold temperature triggers the swelling of the fat cells which results in triggering the fat cells to die. The effects following the treatment start within just a few weeks and on average only two months after a single treatment will result in about 7mm of reduction in fat thickness. Although this process hasn’t been proven to be effective for obese people, it has been shown to work very successfully for those who have a stable weight. You can learn more at Isavera, a site that sells weight loss freeze belts.

CoolSculpting at home can be a very effective way to lose weight, but it has its risks as well. If a mistake is made it could potentially result in injury and if anything besides ice water is used it can result in temperatures too low, leading to serious frostbite that could even require hospitalization. Other risks are that using a gel pack can lead to frostbite and they aren’t as safe since they start too cold and they warm up too quickly, if skin is rewarmed too fast blisters can form, and applying ice and water for long periods of time right away is not as safe as it is to gradually build up over a few days.