I started by pretending I had chronic pneumonia and after 6 months the lie became true

Have you ever heard the saying fake it until you make it, let me tell you my story! Six months ago I started to use fake doctors notes to be able to get away from work for two or three days! Since pneumonia is a very common disease in my hometown I created a whole lie in which I was truly acting like someone who suffers from chronic pneumonia, I lost weight and every now and then coughed during a meeting to remind everyone about my condition. My boss is actually very nice and she has been really concerned about my health condition, she even brings me the best honey in town when she goes and visits her parents. Also, one of my coworkers has a beautiful garden and once a week he brings me different plants to make tea and use as steam inhalations to help clear my lungs.

During the past six months, I have had at least handed in ten fake doctors notes. Last week I even handed in two, there was a concert on Monday and then I knew I was going to be exhausted on Tuesday, that same week one of my favorite artists was coming to the gallery and the conference started at 10 am, so I decided to have the day off to enjoy the art at the gallery would be very enjoyable. I have to confess that some days I woke up and a sudden thought of what if I ever get pneumonia for real went through my mind sometimes.

Other times when people were so kind to me after I missed two days of worked made me feel like I was indeed sick for real. Anyhow two days ago I went to my GP because I have had a runny nose and a fever for a couple of days now, but is winter so that is not surprising. To my surprise though as soon as he hears my lungs he looks at me and says: for how long have you had a pneumonia? And here I am, getting treatment and having two weeks off from work with a real doctors note for the first time.

My experience had served a lesson for me. If ever I could go back time, I will unlearn my knowledge on how to make a fake doctors note and move on with my life. I will never excuse myself for something not real. Of course, this could only happen if I have a time machine which only exists in movies. The more I look back to the healthy me the more I regret what I did. If you want to get fake doctors’ note, start clicking here.