Health Conditions to Use On a Doctor’s Excuse for Work

Picking the perfect excuse to skip work can be a daunting task. But at times it is a necessary evil. Just make sure that the excuse you select is believable enough to avoid drawing any suspicions. There are several health conditions you can use on your doctor’s note to make it more convincing and avoid trouble at work. Your employer may become too interested in your health if missing work because of health-related issues becomes a habit. Therefore, only use a doctor’s excuse if it is absolutely necessary and you have no better excuse to protect yourself. Below is a list of health conditions you can use as an excuse if you have to miss work.

Allergic Reaction

Telling your boss that you had an allergic reaction and backing it up using a doctor’s excuse is less likely to draw suspicion. These days, many people experience allergic reactions of all kinds after unknowingly eating certain types of foods. If you have had the allergic reaction before and is on record at the HR office then it won’t be difficult convincing your employer that the reaction recurred.

Back Pain Problem

The back bone and muscles are susceptible to injury and many individuals experience some form of back pain. Telling your boss that you had to see a chiropractor because of back pain will give you a reasonable excuse to stay away from work. You can learn more at

Food Poisoning

Stomach agonies can create great discomfort. Obtaining a doctor’s excuse to support claims that you experienced serious stomach upset because of food poisoning often works without fail.

Dental Problems

We all know how it feels to have problems with the teeth. If you have to miss work you can tell your boss that you experienced serious dental issues and had to pay the dentist a visit. Just make sure you obtain a credible doctor’s excuse to support the same.

Freezing Fat Cells at Home

Freezing fat cells at home or CoolSculpting is done by simply placing a bag of ice and water on your skin. A study that was done on animals showed that fat levels were decreased in 10 minutes after being exposed to a temperature of -1c/31f. A similar study was done recently on humans which resulted in the skin surface temperature dropping at a steady pace through the 60-minute session and ended with an average of 12c,54f. It had been proven that ice applied to skin creates swelling in only a small number of minutes.

This process works by using an ice pack or a fat freezing wrap to remove the heat from your skin at a continuous rate, then the cold temperature triggers the swelling of the fat cells which results in triggering the fat cells to die. The effects following the treatment start within just a few weeks and on average only two months after a single treatment will result in about 7mm of reduction in fat thickness. Although this process hasn’t been proven to be effective for obese people, it has been shown to work very successfully for those who have a stable weight. You can learn more at Isavera, a site that sells weight loss freeze belts.

CoolSculpting at home can be a very effective way to lose weight, but it has its risks as well. If a mistake is made it could potentially result in injury and if anything besides ice water is used it can result in temperatures too low, leading to serious frostbite that could even require hospitalization. Other risks are that using a gel pack can lead to frostbite and they aren’t as safe since they start too cold and they warm up too quickly, if skin is rewarmed too fast blisters can form, and applying ice and water for long periods of time right away is not as safe as it is to gradually build up over a few days.

I started by pretending I had chronic pneumonia and after 6 months the lie became true

Have you ever heard the saying fake it until you make it, let me tell you my story! Six months ago I started to use fake doctors notes to be able to get away from work for two or three days! Since pneumonia is a very common disease in my hometown I created a whole lie in which I was truly acting like someone who suffers from chronic pneumonia, I lost weight and every now and then coughed during a meeting to remind everyone about my condition. My boss is actually very nice and she has been really concerned about my health condition, she even brings me the best honey in town when she goes and visits her parents. Also, one of my coworkers has a beautiful garden and once a week he brings me different plants to make tea and use as steam inhalations to help clear my lungs.

During the past six months, I have had at least handed in ten fake doctors notes. Last week I even handed in two, there was a concert on Monday and then I knew I was going to be exhausted on Tuesday, that same week one of my favorite artists was coming to the gallery and the conference started at 10 am, so I decided to have the day off to enjoy the art at the gallery would be very enjoyable. I have to confess that some days I woke up and a sudden thought of what if I ever get pneumonia for real went through my mind sometimes.

Other times when people were so kind to me after I missed two days of worked made me feel like I was indeed sick for real. Anyhow two days ago I went to my GP because I have had a runny nose and a fever for a couple of days now, but is winter so that is not surprising. To my surprise though as soon as he hears my lungs he looks at me and says: for how long have you had a pneumonia? And here I am, getting treatment and having two weeks off from work with a real doctors note for the first time.

My experience had served a lesson for me. If ever I could go back time, I will unlearn my knowledge on how to make a fake doctors note and move on with my life. I will never excuse myself for something not real. Of course, this could only happen if I have a time machine which only exists in movies. The more I look back to the healthy me the more I regret what I did. If you want to get fake doctors’ note, start clicking here.

Learn How To Write A Eulogy

A eulogy is done as a tribute to a person that has recently passed away or has a special occasion such as retirement. When a funeral speech is given it is best to have what you want to say written down. Funeral speeches can become very emotional. Sometimes it is difficult enough to just be able to read what is written. It can be frustrating to forget what it was you wanted to say or to suddenly realize you do not have the words to express what you had wanted to share.

How do you know what is appropriate to put in the eulogy? Make sure to write from the heart. Draw on facts and memories. A touch of humor is okay, especially if the person you are eulogizing was known to have a sense of humor. Make sure yours words and thoughts don’t embarrass or shock those listening. The goal is to encourage the family and others that are attending the funeral.

A eulogy should contain your thoughts and feelings. Many times it will also cover the person’s accomplishments. It can be very difficult to get your feelings on paper. Sometimes thoughts and feelings are best expressed in the form of poetry. Do you feel like you don’t know where to start? If you are going to give a speech for a funeral or write a eulogy there is help available. You can learn how to write a eulogy that will present what is important to you. Please check in to the link provided. You also might want to get an excuse at

In this link to a template of a dr. note at iamjoshboston, you will find more great ideas regarding where and when to use these excuses either for work or for school. You can also get a great doctor’s note here.

sample of an excuse from a doctor
doctor’s note template sample

The Once In A Lifetime Funeral Poem

The funeral poem is a form of poetry that people do not often use anymore because they funeral mass is also going out of style. This funeral poetry is going to allow people to learn about the person who is being eulogized, and that is going to give you something that you can publish. You must remember that the poem is something that will last a lifetime if you create something proper.Style

You can write a poem in the style that you want, and that is going to allow you to speak in a form that makes sense to you. Some people may write in a classical style that they are comfortable with, but there are other people who will write poems that are much more modern.

The Story

The poem should tell a story that is going to take people through many stages of this person’s life. Everyone in the room will relate to some part of the poem, and they will feel like those parts of the poem are written just for them. You also need to remember that you can put anything in the story you want. There can be sadness, despair and humor all in one poem. In just a few lines, you can say all that you want for the funeral.

When you are writing funeral poetry, you need to make sure that have followed all of these steps. You can get a poem that is going to be read for people to read when they remember the person who died.

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